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What percentage of your team understands their goals and priorities?

How is your team performing?

Will you make your next milestone?

Stop asking, start answering:

Squadley is next generation planning & performance


Define and align your organization around simple, clear and unifying objectives that drive commitment towards success.

Understand why those objectives are important across the company and then track their progress.

Your company and team will never be the same again.

“Every enterprise requires commitment to common goals and shared values.
Without such commitment there is no enterprise; there is only a mob. The enterprise must have simple, clear, and unifying objectives.”
Peter Drucker


Motivated, engaged people are what drives business success.

With our highly-rated management training and the Squadley micro-pulse scoring quantifying organizational health and Squad engagement, we help you create and run an aligned, engaged and motivated organization.

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.
It’s that simple.”
Sir Richard Branson


Just in time performance coaching that actually understands not just "what" someone has done, but "how" and "why". Performance tools should not be a black box that everyone hates.

Let us help you drive "uncommon performance" through our refreshingly different and modern approach.

“The test of an organization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance.”
Peter Drucker

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