Your total management fitness solution

Plan Engage Perform

Squadley is a new approach to management development & performance that combines the value of OKR alignment, continuous feedback and 1:1 Coaching into a fast, total-management fitness routine.


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For teams who want results

Commit to Performance Excellence

Transparent and layered OKR plan of record keeps everyone on target.

Embrace the Agile Mindset

Goal progress, self, peer, manager, and company 360 feedback regularly collected, analyzed, and acted upon.

Believe in Performance Coaching

Effective 1:1 coaching routines ignite engagement, performance, and potential.

Is Squadley for me?
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Mastering the core routine develops dense management muscle across the organization

Clear Purpose

Who are we?
Why do we exist?

Cascading Goals

What are we doing this month, this quarter, or this year?

Clarity of Role

Everyone knows their roles and expectations

Continuous Feedback

Feedback channels gather actionable insights

Effective 1:1 recognition & communication

Career Growth

Talent development builds tomorrow's bench
Improve your BMI
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Filling a Significant Talent Development Gap

3-month exec coach engagement 6-month core management strengthening routine Coaching apps & mentoring
Where does it fit? Narrow eligibility / specific focus for Top Executives. Broad eligibility / comprehensive core management skill mastery for high performing & potential managers. Broad eligibility / on demand topics. Often Q&A based.
Progress Measurement? No. Yes with BMI* trend tracking over time. No.
Visible to HR Talent Partner? Private. Available full progress transparency for HR Talent Partner. No.
Scalable? No. Custom nature + premium pricing. Yes - Core routine platform + 2 hour/mo BMI* consultation with personal coach scales as needed. Yes - but ROI value per person difficult to assess.
Durable? No. Service ends when engagement ends. Yes. Platform access can continue after initial 6 month core strengthening program. Somewhat. Coaches may come and go on the platform.
* BMI - Base management index
Your total management fitness solution