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Motivated, engaged people are what drives business success.

With our highly-rated management training and the Squadley micro-pulse scoring quantifying organizational health and Squad engagement, we help you create and run an aligned, engaged and motivated organization.

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.
It’s that simple.”
Sir Richard Branson

Learning to Lead: An inspiring series of high impact learning sessions and facilitated knowledge exchange ensures your leaders are prepared to coach their Squads to peak engagement and performance levels.

Rewards & Recognition: Market pricing and fine tuning your rewards strategy is central to any successful engagement plan. Base pay, incentives and equity all needs to balance ability to pay with need to pay under a coherent philosophy. Let our expert team help!

Micro-Pulse: Squadley is pre-configured to measure eNPS and engagement; putting trends directly into the hands of managers to help #makemanagersawesome.

Virtual Coach: Going well beyond basic reports, Virtual Coach monitors micro-pulse data for behavior and sentiment patterns and delivers timely expert tips to managers.

1:1 Management: The art of the 1:1 is where the engagement rubber hits the road. Asynchronous manager/employee notes, 1:1 conversation history, career goal tracking and in-app training turns the 1:1 into a motivational accelerator.

Solving the planning & performance problem.
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