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Just in time performance coaching that actually understands not just "what" someone has done, but "how" and "why". Performance tools should not be a black box that everyone hates.

Let us help you drive "uncommon performance" through our refreshingly different and modern approach.

“The test of an organization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance.”
Peter Drucker

Learning to Lead: An inspiring series of facilitated learning sessions, materials and recommended readings to ensure your leaders are prepared to coach their Squads to highest levels of peak engagement and performance.

Micro-Pulse: Achieve (individual performance), Coach (Manager performance), Health (Organizational performance), Success Outlook (Goal performance) all summarize hundreds of data point trend factors over time to #makemanagersawesome.

Virtual Coach: Performance trends are translated into simple and actionable performance tips. Goals that are falling behind require attention? People who are achieving greatness need recognition? Squadley spots feedback patterns and turns them into meaning.

1:1 Management: Goals and performance feedback come together in one dashboard view to managers, improving the planning and performance feedback loop like never before.

Solving the planning & performance problem.
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