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Define and align your organization around simple, clear and unifying objectives that drive commitment towards success.

Understand why those objectives are important across the company and then track their progress.

Your company and team will never be the same again.

“Every enterprise requires commitment to common goals and shared values.
Without such commitment there is no enterprise; there is only a mob. The enterprise must have simple, clear, and unifying objectives.”
Peter Drucker

Planning & Facilitation: Success starts with an effective planning session. Let our team of experts develop a powerful and effective Goal setting and planning experience to ensure your Squad plans for greatness.

Talent Strategy: Being intentional about the pillars on which your Squad or Organization will compete and win for talent is more important than ever. What is the deal and how will you deliver on it? Let us help you create a Talent Strategy that differentiates and attracts the very best.

RoadMap: With the right plan and the right people, Targets, Objectives and Goals come to life in one simple and transparent timeline that aligns individuals, Squads and the Enterprise throughout the year.

Virtual Coach: Takes the work out of monitoring goal progress by automatically analyzing trends and flagging risks to managers.

Dashboard: Squad, Division and Enterprise progress has never been more simple or focused.

Real-world Squadley results

When asked whether a company of 30+ people understood their goals and priorities



After 60 days


After 90 days


Solving the planning & performance problem.
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