Solving Planning & Performance

It’s time for a fresh, integrated and data driven approach to solving the planning and performance problem. Squadley replaces the broken one-way flow of annual cycles with a transparent and dynamic ‘always on’ connected high performance experience.

Image of thought bubbles: What do we need to achieve? Are leaders equipped to lead? Who will do it well? Are people engaged? Are we aligned on the roadmap?

We are not winning today


Annual Review Effectiveness

74% graded the effectiveness as LOWER than a B


Report performance management is not driving high value


50% of employees do not understand what's expected


Performance management is not an effective use of time

And we are not ready for tomorrow

For the millennial generation

are disengaged with their work


think the performance review process is flawed


felt blindsided by review feedback


have cried over a performance review


feel in the dark about how others feel about performance


say they don't receive regular feedback


leave their company in less than 3 years

Case Study Results

Pre-Squadley Post-Squadley
I understand my goals and priorities 79% 96%
I have regular and meaningful 1:1s with my manager 58% 89%
I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself 79% 93%
My company fosters a team environment where all voices can be heard 63% 86%

Value for everyone


Eliminates functional silos & ties strategic plan to tactical execution in one plan of record with complete line of sight/transparency.


Integrated essentials approach delivers a high value SaaS platform while reducing costs & complexity required to support too many unused tools.

Functional Leader

Focus, real time progress updates & risk management coupled with individual performance optimization in one timeline oriented workflow.

Line Manager

Always-On 360 trend feedback eliminates reviews & flags progress challenges before they become a problem.


Visibility & deeper understanding of role vs overall direction. Engagement, achievement, career development & connectivity.


Telemetry & insights shifts HR to strategic partner. Integration means less administration & more business partnership. No reviews means real change.

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